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A way to motivate teams, recognize good work, or share any information that may not be project-specific.

Way to motivate teams

Make announcements to convey information that may not be project-specific and subscribe people to them. Appreciate a job well done to celebrate achievements or even give birthday greetings at one place. Announcements can prove to be an effective way to motivate teams.

Recognize teams achievements

Add announcements

Make announcements to recognize team’s achievements, give birthday wishes or share any important information.

Subscribe people to

Subscribe people to announcements and choose whom you want to show it and allow to collaborate on it.

Subscribe people to announcements
Announcement board

@Mention people

Mention someone to address them, grab their attention or loop them in an announcement.

Attach files

Attach supporting images, files, documents, and more to your announcements

Celeberate success
Set time duration

Set time duration

Select for how long you need the announcement to show and then disappear from the announcement board.

Seen announcements

Seen announcements

Get to know who all have seen the announcement in the list of subscribers.

Team motivation

Use emojis

Use emojis to express without words, to support your words, and express more with less.

Add comments

Add comments to announcements to share your thoughts and collaborate over them.

Team participation

Great tool for saving time on project management, automate tasks,
communicate with team members, clients and track time.

- Christian M.,

Convey information that may not be project-specific and encourage
team motivation using announcement board in ProofHub.

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