ChatConversations are just a tap away with ProofHub.

An internal communication tool that makes direct messaging and quick conversations with teams and clients easier and simpler.

Team communication tool -  ProofHub

Have one-on-one chats, group chats, use emojis, attach files, and have quick team and client conversations on the go using one internal communication tool.

Internal communication tool

Have one-on-one chats

Use chat to send direct messages and get quick replies, ask questions, and get answers instantly while working.

Have group chats

Create groups to have quick conversations with more than one person, to share ideas, stay in sync, and work together.

Group chat tool
Use emojis with ProofHub's internal communication tool

Use emojis

Use ProofHub emojis to say more with less, express comfortably whenever short of words or even give feedback that’s to the point. ProofHub emojis

Attach files

Share files, documents, images and more in chats, making the most of ProofHub’s team communication tool.

Attach files with team communication tool
Mention people in chats

@Mention people
in chats

Mention people in chats to specifically refer to someone or to share an individual’s information.



Receive chat notifications for new messages on your desktop or mobile and reply to them on the go.

Seen messages and Last active

Seen messages and
Last active

Get to know when someone has seen your messages and when they were last active on ProofHub chat.

Chat history

Chat history

Get access to chat history and easily find information shared in the past.

Team communication tool

Great internal team communication tool for saving time on
project management, automate tasks, communicate with team
members, clients and track time.

- Christian M.,

Turn your direct messages and quick conversations with teams
and clients easier with one internal communication tool.

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