Client management
Create a clear roadmap, track real-time progress, and keep clients updated

With ProofHub teams can optimize client management and communication and streamline everyday work to suit client requirements. It is a top-tier client management software that enables users to provide clients with real-time reports, promotes accountability and transparency, fosters robust communication with clients, and helps centralize client information under a single roof.

client management software

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Keep clients in the loop

Provide clients with real-time updates, eliminate the hassle of email threads, manage tasks, and promote transparency.
Promoting accountability

Promoting accountability

ProofHub offers teams a myriad range of features that help promote transparency and trust between clients and team members. Real-time progress reports, online proofing tool, constant updates, robust discussions, multichannel communication, and business planning with a smart calendar are some of the great features offered by ProofHub that promote accountability.

Centralized communication

Centralized communication

A major aspect of client management is effective communication within the team to execute client vision as well as being constantly in touch with the clients to gain their input. With ProofHub, communication becomes easy and accessible owing to the group and individual chat feature, discussion topics, and an online proofing tool.

Task prioritization

Task prioritization

Task management is a key aspect of ProofHub making it an ideal tool for client management. Arranging tasks by priority, assigning tasks as per individual expertise, setting due dates to meet deadlines, and more can happen with ProofHub by your side.

Clear strategic plan for teams

Centralize client information, communicate with them regularly, increase client retention, and manage tasks effectively.

Clear strategic plan for teams
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Explore multiple features offered by ProofHub

Choose from a variety of highly-useful features, eliminate confusion, send periodic updates, and promote multichannel communication.

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