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Exchange innovative ideas, visualize design workflows, track client requests, and collaborate with outbound creative visionaries, all from a single creative project management tool, ProofHub.

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Map out a creative design plan

Map out a creative design plan

With ProofHub you can ensure the exchange of fresh ideas, fruitful discussions, develop a robust design strategy, visualize design workflows, and carefully deliberate on the composition as well as the layout of designs.

Ensure proper communication and collaboration

Communication and collaboration

As a design project management platform facilitates contextual communication within the team, coordination with marketing teams, cross-functional correspondence, along with have comprehensive discussions with clients.

Reviews and feedback

Reviews and feedback

Proofing and reviewing files has become effortless with ProofHub backing teams up. This makes it easier to review files, proof for errors, give feedback and approvals. One can also annotate files using markup tools to review and give feedback for specific sections.

The perfect workflow for design teams

Collaboration and management for design teams made easy and accessible. Explore multiple features, keep team members updated, and produce great results.

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Boost your creative and design teams with a robust project management system.

ProofHub features for design teams

Here is a comprehensive list of features offered by ProofHub that help creative and design teams perform better.

See how creative teams can keep track of everything, work together seamlessly and get their stuff done faster.