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An ideal education project management software for institutions of all kinds and sizes

Managing an educational institution can be tedious and full of challenges. However, with ProofHub maintaining logs, organizing administrative tasks, creating templates to replicate similar tasks, and communication between geographically dispersed campus locations becomes easy and accessible.

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Connect with staff and students irrespective of location, manage multiple departments, and deliver highest quality results.
Streamline everyday tasks

Streamline everyday tasks

With ProofHub by their side, universities and schools can easily manage everyday work such as assembling student data, keeping a log of official work, managing departmental workflows, working across multiple channels, communicating with staff and students, and devising accurate schedules.

Store all key data in a central space

Store all key data in a central space

ProofHub allows university and college teams to store all their important data about students, curriculum, staff, and more in a central space. It allows users to store files in any format whatsoever and its powerful integrations with major file-sharing applications allow online submissions and exchanging documents.

Communicate effectively

Communicate effectively

Communicating with students and teachers as well as cross-departmental collaboration is easy thanks to efficient project management for universities and schools. From group and personal chats to creating discussion topics and leaving comments, ProofHub makes communication effortless irrespective of geographical location.

Design a team-specific workflow

Allocate individual and group roles, optimize resources, and play to employee strengths with ProofHub.

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Collaborate, coordinate, and connect with your team easily. Try ProofHub today.

Choose from a set of features

ProofHub allows teams to single out features as per their requirements and demands. From communication to file transfer and more, ProofHub offers it all.

Build a centralized, solid and effective collaboration hub to streamline routine tasks with ProofHub