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ProofHub is packed with all the features your teams need to plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects on time. It helps your teams to work together the easiest, fastest and smartest way with all the right tools put under one roof. So with this online project management tool, there is no more:

ProofHub - Online project management tool
Create discussions topics with online project management tool


No more "Long, messy email threads"

Create discussion topics and bring all your team and client discussions at one place eliminating long email threads. @Mention people to grab their attention and loop them in discussions. Show me how

Show me how

Table view

No more "Important information spread out all over the place."

Plan and present project-related data in a well-organized way. Assign tasks, share essential details, and capture every step of the project in one place. Get a clear idea of what needs to be done, which task is a priority. The powerful sorting and grouping give you the flexibility to arrange your work just the way you like. I want to explore

Assign tasks to team members with table view I want to explore
tasks in workflow stages Learn more


No more “Who'll be working on this next?”

Divide tasks in workflow stages of your choice and decide who works on what part. Empower teams to self-manage with better understanding of workflows as they get notified of tasks moving from one stage to another. Learn more


No more “Poorly planned projects”

Plan and visualize how pieces of your project fit together in a timeline view. Don’t let critical tasks get delayed and adjust your plans as work changes and deadlines shift the smarter way with task dependencies in Gantt chart. Learn more about Gantt chart

Plan and visualize with project management tool Learn more about Gantt chart
schedule task, add milestones with ProofHub's calendar


No more "Missed deadlines and different calendars"

Stay on the top of your schedule with recurring tasks, automatic reminders, and multiple calendar views. Merge your ProofHub calendar with the ones you generally use and avoid referring to multiple calendars with ProofHub. Explore all the Calendar features

Explore all the Calendar features

Never miss a deadline again.
Organize your work with ProofHub calendar.


No more "Scattered and missing files"

Bring your files and documents at one central place to keep them organized and find them quickly whenever required. Keep multiple versions of the same file and use any of them as and when you want. Learn more

centralized your files with online project management software Learn more
Get ultimate control with custom roles in ProofHub


No more "Who gets to access what?"

Define custom roles and stay in ultimate control of who gets access to what according to your organizational workflow, making the most of ProofHub’s online project management tool. Explore Custom roles

Explore Custom roles


No more "Waiting for hours to get quick answers"

Send direct messages and get quick replies. Turn team and client conversations quicker with one-on-one and group chats. Use emojis to express more with less. Explore more about Chat

Send direct messages and get quick replies with ProofHub Explore more about Chat
Review design and documents with online project management tool


No more "Confusing and delayed feedback"

ProofHub saves you from searching for feedback in long email threads. It helps you to speed up the review of designs and documents as you can give feedback for specific regions using markup tools. Explore Proofing tool

Explore Proofing tool


No more "Did someone keep a track of the billable hours?"

You can get answers to where’s the team’s time going, what are the billable hours of projects, and even if anyone kept track of the time spent on tasks both manually and using timers. Find out more about Timesheets

time tracking with free online project management software Find out more about Timesheets
Set a language of your preference with ProofHub’s online project management system


No more "Why can't I see the interface in my language?"

Set a language of your preference from English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese(Taiwan), Dutch, Turkish, and German, and communicate with teams and clients in the language you want while using ProofHub’s online project management tool.


No more "Projects and resources getting out of control"

Get detailed resource and project reports in a single click. Create custom reports with the parameters of your choice and visualize overall project and resource progress to plan ahead and make the most of ProofHub’s online project management tool. See all the Reports available

Get detailed resource and project reports in a single click See all the Reports available

Take control over project and individual progress. Create custom
reports with ProofHub's reporting tool.

Free project management tool


No more "Where did I note it down? Where's my notepad?”

Take notes of project information, minutes of meeting or ideas to remember in ProofHub and find them quickly whenever needed. Share notes with teams and clients to collaborate over them the smart way. Explore Notes

Explore Notes


No more "Unattended important emails stuck in the inbox"

Use email-in to become a part of discussions, add tasks, and upload files without having to log in to your ProofHub account. To never miss out on stuff, you can reply to the email notifications and your input will be saved in ProofHub automatically.

Online project management software ProofHub
White-labeling ProofHub


No more "Using a tool that doesn't match your brand's identity"

Personalize your ProofHub account and give it the look and feel of your brand with a custom domain, your brand logo, and a theme color of your choice using white-labeling.


No more "Who's managing the project?"

In ProofHub, you can choose who manages which project. A project manager will receive all the important notifications for the missed deadlines and overdue tasks and stay accountable.

Manages tasks with ProofHub's project management software
Ip restriction


No more "Unauthorized access from unrecognized networks"

To avoid unauthorized access and to keep your data secure from unknown networks, ProofHub lets you restrict your account access to only those IP addresses that you will select.


No more "Not having a dedicated space for announcements"

Get a dedicated space to make announcements to recognize team’s achievements, give birthday wishes, wish on employees’ work anniversaries or share any important information. Explore Announcements

Share important information with ProofHub's project management tool Explore Announcements
Request Form ProofHub


No more “Missing out on work requests and messy inboxes"

Get your tickets, support queries or any work requests directly added to ProofHub. Avoid cluttered inboxes and missing out on work requirements with forms in ProofHub’s online project management tool. Learn more

Learn more


ProofHub For Slack

ProofHub allows you to take real-time actions on tasks, sync conversations, and manage team projects without having to leave Slack. Explore Slack

Share important information with ProofHub's project management tool Explore Announcements
There is more
Naz Tadjbakhsh, Taco Bell

We are new to ProofHub and loving it. Unlike other paid or even free online project management software, the team is always very helpful and gets back to us quickly whenever we have questions. Thanks for the great product and service! Great product and great service!

- Naz Tadjbakhsh, Taco Bell

No more "Chaos, hassle, stress, mess, struggle and trouble"
with all the right tools put in one online project management tool.

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