Sales teams
ProofHub offers a streamlined system to boost sales and augment profits

As a sales project management software, ProofHub allows users to track sales leads, effectively manage contacts, organize meetings, communicate with current and prospective clients, prioritizing leads, analyze customer choices, create multiple sales pipelines, and much more.

sales project management software

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Maximise sales profits

Drive effective sales processes, maintain constant contact with clients, Analyze existing results, track leads, and drive your sales teams to success.
Effective sales operations

Effective sales operations

Teams can devise a streamlined system for sales, lead scoring, onboarding plans, identifying prospective customers, checking their status, creating sales cycles, broadcasting pivotal sales information, and breaking down silos that affect sales.

Standardize processes

Standardize processes

Store all sales collateral stuff in a common knowledge base for the team to access, standardise processes, share important data with prospective clients, and set up frequent processes as templates to maintain consistency.

Turn ideas into actionable plans

Turn ideas into actionable plans

A pivotal part of sales is understanding client requirements and vision and delivering desired results. Initiate in-house as well as outbound discussions and meetings, analyze in-product activity, keep work on track with visual highlights and status reports.

A robust sales workflow

Follow a definitive sales workflow with ProofHub backing you up and deliver top quality results.

A robust sales workflow
Drive better sales and make your team a success. Get started with ProofHub today.

Numerous features to help sales teams

Use a myriad list of features offered by ProofHub to drive better sales, scout new clients, and display stellar results.

Manage your critical projects, time, and conversations with clarity and ease with an all-in-one project management software